Friday, March 14, 2008

Free Tibet - Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics

The people of Tibet want China to allow them autonomy. People all over the world support the Tibetan people's right to this freedom but the Chinese government won't budge.  During the Beijing Olympics, many protests were held, including ones along the path of the Olympic torch.

*Originally I had linked an article with pictures from  The article is no longer available and the pictures, obviously aren't either.  So, instead I present a similar alternative article:

Tibet Activists Demonstrate at Base Camp While Chinese Team Attempts Olympic Torch Ascent

Protests Turn Violent in Tibet (
(This is text that I saved locally on my blog from the original article) 

Tibetan protesters hold a candlelit vigil as part of an anti-China demonstration at Boadha in Kathmandu. Around 2,000 Tibetan exiles held a candlelit vigil in Nepal's capital to show support for protesters in Chinese-controlled Tibet. The Tibetan capital Lhasa erupted in deadly violence as security forces used gunfire to quell the biggest protests against Chinese rule in two decades. (AFP/Prakash Mathema)

Tents at an advance base camp of Mount Everest in May 2007. Nepal will block access to Mount Everest in May to prevent pro-Tibetan protests while China takes the Olympic torch to the roof of the world. (AFP/HO)

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Jeanne said...

As witness to the support of Tibet---camped out near Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland----I saw them there 3/16/08----& then in the next couple days in London,England---I saw people with signs------PEOPLE DO SUPPORT TIBET & I REALLY HOPE THE PRESIDENT OF FRANCE JOINS IN IN BOYCOTTING THE OPENING CEREMONIES-----THAT WILL HAVE AN IMPACT----SINCE HE'S HEAD OF THE EUROPEAN UNION RIGHT NOW. PEACE TO ALL.