Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So I have been having some issues with the fact that I wanted Facebook to be a place where I could ACTUALLY keep in touch with people and be myself (to whatever degree that's possible on the internet) but in the end people continue to add request me and then completely ignore me online. And you could say that I don't want to be real (or be vulnerable) around people who don't actually have any interest in knowing me for real. Also there is the issue of how much do I want my coworkers to know me outside of work...

One solution I came up with was to create a second "secret" facebook account that I would only add people I know are genuine. However, as I attempted to start over, I realized that it was harder than I thought to give up one persona for another... not to mention I just reached level 4 on the Vampires application and am quite happy about that.

So, after careful consideration I think this may have been a futile attempt at protecting my sanity. I realize that facebook is not the real world and I do not need to fear stupid people who are just using facebook at face value... I'm the one pretending it's something that it is not.

I'll probably keep this a few more days to hear any feedback on this issue and then deactivate.

(This is an edited version of a post on Facebook)

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