Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why Is She Fleeing?*

With barely an hour to make it, Sheryl threw the rest of her wedding ensemble into the sturdy brown suitcase, threw on her trusty old leather boots and headed outside.  The sun nearly blinded her and she retreated inside for an instant to grab the sunglasses from the dish beside the door.  "Ready, set, GO!', she said to herself and started sprinting at a brisk pace.

Sheryl needed to reach the temple grounds before he arrived, in order to put the rest of her dress and veil on.  She knew she'd be cutting it close but she felt she had no choice; the past needed to be dealt with before she could move forward into her new and wonderful life.  

The tiny single room cabin at the foot of the mountain was a second home to her for the last five years. It was the place her orders were sent to and where she prepared herself to carry them out.  She was a hired assassin, until yesterday.  Quitting the job meant leaving the cabin behind for good.  She just needed to do a sweep of the place one last time.

The man she was running to meet had conveniently picked a nearby Buddhist temple for the ceremony.  She could taste her freedom in the air as she ran along the train station wall.  She was nearly there now and allowed herself to relax and smile at the thought of what was to come.

She rounded the corner of the train station wall and heard the gunshot before she felt the pain.  Her confusion grew as her chest became heavy, searing hot, and wet.  She dropped the suitcase and collapsed to her knees, clutching at the red soaked spot where her life was oozing out.  She heard footsteps getting closer and turned toward the sound.  

A tall slender woman wearing hiking gear stood six feet from Sheryl pointing the gun directly at her head. Sheryl was in disbelief and fighting the pain to remain upright.  The tall woman calmly said, "I am delivering a message from your employer.  Resignation is denied". Then she pulled the trigger.

*This story was the result of a "react to the picture" assignment on a random writing blog. 

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