Monday, September 7, 2009


Life is like... life. There's nothing else like it, as far as I know. And it's confusing and weird and awesome and shitty all at the same time. Without the bad we wouldn't appreciate the good.

I guess I just feel like my life is in such a state of transition right now that I don't know how I feel. I got used to a reality that was quite comfortable in many ways, although it was stagnant and unsatisfying. I had solid ground to land on, a routine, an anchor to return to every day. And I liked having that anchor so much! But, the flip side to that was that I wasn't growing and accomplishing my dreams.

Now, I live in a world much different from that; there is solid ground, but no routine and no anchor. Some days I embrace the openness of endless possibilities and other days that wide open space scares the shit out of me. I imagine this to be the way sensory deprivation feels, just floating along outside of time and space.

So I don't know that there was any real point to this post, but I haven't written in a while and I'd like to change that.