Thursday, January 28, 2010


I guess I'd never make a good politician because I like life to be simple. And I like things to work. And I like honesty, even when it's hard to hear. And I believe in making a difference, even in the tiniest and most insignificant of ways. And I have hope for the future. And I believe that 99.99% of humans are just reacting to the life they were born into and that I would have ended up in their shoes if I had been given that reality too.

I do not feel morally superior to people who are different from me based on nationality, religious, or political affiliation; I feel morally superior to people because they advocate detestable world views such as racism, sexist, fear and hatred.*

I hate the two party system. I like the whole idea of democracy, even a representative one like we are supposed to have. In theory, it should work OK. Not perfect, but OK. But we don't even have that. Everyone knows, it's all a sham. Everyone knows that it's money that votes, not people.

Sometimes it's hard for me to understand how people are so easily manipulated by all the name calling, political rhetoric and outright LIES, but then again - I totally get it. We love to see carnage. Sex and violence is what sells. The problem is that politicians know this too and with the virtual take-over of our brains they are able to enter our bloodstream directly through any electrical device.

I don't get how citizens can vote against their own interests. I suppose it comes down to a lack of education mixed with heavily funded misinformation campaigns. I see it every election. I see it every time congress is thinking about passing a bill. I see it every time Obama speaks about ANYTHING. He could get on the horn and say, "I love America", and someone would find a way to spin that as anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, and anti-American... They do it every single day.

So, in essence, I'm tired of it. I needed to just say it. Out loud.

But don't worry, I have plenty more to say. Later.

*That was kind of a joke. I don't feel morally superior to anyone, but IF I did, that would be why.