Friday, October 29, 2010


If I visualize my reality as an infinite sphere made up of points representing individual people at specific times and specific places… so that I have a million tiny dots along the web representing my path, you have a million tiny dots along with everyone else that has ever existed in space and time.

When these dotted lines come together, relationships are formed and meaning is created. I enjoy looking back on these lines and trying to understand how people got to where they are now and how certain relationships were formed and sometimes later, broken.

What is most interesting though, is when I find two seemingly unrelated lines come together with mine at a point in time. I don’t necessarily believe in Fate, but I see that there are multiple avenues in which we may end up at the same point of experience at a particular time. It is easy to assign meaning to this because it does seem significant. I wouldn’t have been able to understand one experience nearly as deeply if I hadn’t already experienced another related one first.

I’ve noticed this happen in particular with music and art. I will be introduced to a band or artist and less than a week later I find myself coming into contact with that same band or artist in a different context. I find the timing of these connections inspiring and therefore, meaningful to my life.