Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Thoughts: About Me

In lieu of a singular connected "journal" entry, I am going to try random thoughts.

I strive for simplicity in my daily life.  I don't want too many possessions and I want to limit my impact on the planet.  That being said, I need complexity to feel satisfied sometimes such as with food and drink, a movie or a book.  I love getting new things (even used things that are new to me) and struggle every day with my impulse to consume.

I know that I am swimming in contradictions: I trust science to explain the known universe AND some days I believe in things that can't be proven by science.  My beliefs about the world are constantly in motion and therefore can appear different from one day to the next.  And when that does happen, I'm not lying, I'm just open-minded about myself and the world of possibilities.  I live in a constantly changing world and I change with it.  I remember when I was younger and didn't understand that the world was fluid.  The world appeared solid and therefore change seemed like a bad thing, to be avoided.  Now I just accept that it is.

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