Monday, November 5, 2007

Fears and Phobias

I was afraid to look out the window at night until a few years ago because once, when I was 9 or 10, I saw a face in my grandparent's kitchen window. After waking the entire house up with my scream, it turned out to be an oddly shaped planter on a window shelf.

It's interesting how we pick up phobias or irrational fears of things along our journey through childhood. I've had the following completely irrational fears over the years:

- nervous about calling businesses or people that I don't know personally on the phone.
- having to shut all doors, drawers, and cover all windows before bed (or else the boogeyman would come, duh!).
- not letting my foot hang outside the bed covers for fear that some carpet or under-bed monster would eat my foot.
- having to sleep with my back against a wall at all times.
- going to new places by myself.
- an inability to pop a balloon with a pin.
- for just one night, I really believed that the television could turn on by itself and an evil girl would be able to emerge from the screen and get me. That particular night I ended up sleeping in a room by myself with a T.V. For some reason though, I thought if I turned the T.V. on, and kept it on all night, the evil girl couldn't get through.

I have the following TOTALLY rational fears (in my opinion):

- seeing distorted or melting faces.
- contact with black widows (and other poisonous or possibly poisonous spiders).
- losing my teeth.

And, I'm totally not afraid of any of the following (except if there was actually danger):

- pets and wild animals in general.
- heights in general.
- small spaces.
- flying (except take-off and landing - give me a break).
- dentists.
- needles.
- clowns.
- crowds
- public speaking (if I have something to say)

I can't think of any more major phobias at this time. If you feel like commenting, I'd like to hear some of your IRRATIONAL fears in particular.

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